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Active threat training doesn't need to be terrifying

Empowered Workforce believes that training your staff to prevent and survive active shooter or other active aggressor attacks does not need to be a frighting experience.  

 Just the opposite, behavioral research tells us that instilling fear through training paralyzes us, inhibiting our ability to take action.  

  • Taking action in an active threat situation is imperative.  Training that frightens is counter-productive.

  • Learning simple skills from friendly instructors who relate to everyday people will help empower your staff to have the confidence to take appropriate action.


Workplace violence is the single largest source of active shooter incidents

It seems as if every other week we hear news of another deadly shooting. 

FACT: Most deadly shootings occur within the workplace.

More and more, businesses are realizing they need to keep their employees safe and confident.

Responsible employers are seeking out ways to to address this growing hazard.

While active shooter is not the most statistically likely disaster your business faces, it is worrying your staff.  There is an easy and affordable solution to help keep your staff safe at work.  

  • Empowered Workforce can help you make customized emergency preparedness plans for your business around active threat situations, and train your staff  to prevent and survive and recover from these attacks. 

  • We teach  LIFESAVING TRANSFERABLE SKILLS that will not only prepare your workplace, but also travel with your employees outside of work helping make everyone safer and communities more resilient.  

  • Empowered Workforce is unique in that our training builds confidence through knowledge and simple skill training rather than tactics that increase fear used by most training programs.  

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Julianna Lochte, founder and CEO, has substantial experience  training how to prevent, prepare and survive active threat incidents.

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Responsible businesses are preparing for active threats


Smart businesses understand that this growing hazard must be addressed.  We applaud employers who take responsibility to prepare for this threat.

Empowered Workforce allows you to do so in a sensitive manner that empowers rather than terrifies.  Our training doesn't include morbid details of past shootings, gory images or sounds of gunfire.  Instead, we give your team the simple tools it needs to prevent and survive this type of threat.   Furthermore, the skills we teach are transferable and will be primarily used in everyday life to increase awareness, keep you safer, and help build more resilient communities.


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  • Active threat prevention and Survival

  • Stop the Bleed & Hands -Only CPR

  • Wellness & Resilience in Crisis

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  • Church, Public Venue, Nonprofit, School & Community Training - ASK ABOUT NONPROFIT DISCOUNTS!

  • Mass casualty response training 

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