About Us


Empowered Workforce knows the time has come for businesses to face the growing threat of workplace violence.  We also believe that preparing your staff  and your business for this reality does not have to be a traumatizing experience.  Our training is unique from others you will find.  We approach active threat training with a goal to empower rather than to terrify.  People are frightened enough by the notion of active aggressor incidents.  We do not enter a business demanding that people "WAKE UP!" and be fearful.  Just the opposite, we believe people are very aware of the hazard and merely need to learn the simple tools needed to prevent and survive these events.  Fear paralyzes, knowledge empowers. 

Our Motto:

Safe Without the Scare



Julianna Lochte, founder and CEO of Empowered Workforce.

As the past Business & Organizational Preparedness Manager for the American Red Cross, Julianna Lochte, founder of Empowered Workforce, was responsible for the management of Save a Life Denver, the organization's only active threat preparedness program.  In this role, she trained businesses and organizations of all sizes including churches, major sporting and concert venues, governmental agencies and major private corporations in active threat survival and preparedness strategies.

She also has a strong background in mass-casualty disaster response.  She managed the client floor of the Family Assistance Center after the Las Vegas shooting, and was the NTSB liaison in the wake of the Branson, MO duck-boat tragedy.  While at the Red Cross, she served as the Regional Mass Casualty  response lead.