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houses of worship

Maintain both warmth and vigilance

Faith based communities exist to provide comfort and open arms to welcome newcomers looking for community.  Unfortunately, this very nature can be exploited by those looking to perform active threats.  This is particularly true  for those looking to create a large number of casualties and  significant public attention.  We've worked with many houses of worship with  many varied practices that run the gambit from no security to those with armed guards.   There is no one size fits all solution.  This is why Empowered Workforce, with its personal and customized approach to preparedness planning and training, is the perfect fit for your organization.  We make it easy for you to ease the concerns of your staff and congregation so you can focus on mission.



Appropriate for younger audiences and incorporates your school policies

 Schools fall into a category called "soft targets."  Often they are fairly easy to access by parents, students and the wider community.  They do not often have heavy security systems in place.   Many times, the active threat turns out to be someone who has full access to the school itself.  Empowered Workforce understands that the approach to active threat preparedness and training in schools needs to be unique.  Our training curriculum specializes in a non-threatening approach and when working with schools, even more care is taken to make sure our materials and discussions are age appropriate.  We also know that response protocols for schools vary so we offer fully customized training that incorporates your safety policies.

Our training also includes our basic life saving skills such as bleeding control, hands-only CPR, and wellness and resilience techniques which are practical skills students will carry with them throughout their lives. Our program results in a non-threatening training that will help make your staff, students and community safer and more resilient.  


Other Vulnerable venues

We can help you safeguard your customers

Before founding Empowered Workforce,  the CEO has had extensive past experience working with a wide array of venues of different sizes and types.  Some former clients include Denver Broncos, RTD,  Denver high rise buildings, and large energy companies.  Other clients and venues included public gathering areas, non-profits, recreation centers and concert venues.  Each of these diverse settings requires customized training, or multiple trainings depending on their layout, unique challenges and the varied nature of staff functions.  Our specialized and flexible approach, catered to each individual client, finds the perfect fit for your organization's needs.


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