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PREPAREDNESS Consulting SErvices

Is your organization Prepared? Find out for FREE!

Has your business taken the steps it needs to prepare now to be in a position to handle what it may face if a workplace violence/active threat incident happens? Empowered Workforce offers a FREE overview of the things you need to consider.

Proper Fit Preparedness Solution

Empowered Workforce offers several options to walk you through the steps you need to take to become prepared for workplace violence hazards.  From 1/2 day presentations to full day workshops with materials that will get you where you need to be, we have your perfect preparedness solution.

Business-Wide Preparedness Planning

Did you know that if your business or organization has 10 or more employees you are legally required to have a written emergency preparedness plans accessible to your staff?  Let Empowered Workforce get you started  by helping set up a structure and process that works for your organization.

Customized Written Plans for your Business

Empowered Workforce can do the work for you! We work with your business to produce customized preparedness plan keeping your staff on task and the planning process with the experts.  Afterwards, we provide a FREE training to your staff on the new plans and protocols.

Hazard Vulnerability Assessments

Has your organization conducted a proper vulnerability assessment?  No true preparedness plan can be  properly written before you understand your greatest risks and the potential impact they may have on your business .  Empowered Workforce can walk you through this often confusing process.

Customized Solutions

Because our focus is on customized services for each client, Empowered Workforce will do all we can to fill all your organizations every need to prepare, prevent and survive active aggressor attacks.  Do you need your facilities inspected for optimal security?  We can arrange that for you. Would you like this training done in all your national/international facilities, each with a different nuance, not a problem.  Empowered Workforce will work for you!