Safe without the Scare

Active Threat Training

Train to be safe...WITHOUT the scare!


This training is completely customizable to suit the needs of your business, your staff, and your facility.  Together we create a training that teaches your staff when active threat situations can be prevented and how to do it.  We go beyond other typical awareness training and give you a tangible code to follow which will help make you safer wherever you go.  We turn the elusive concepts of Run, Hide, Fight into easy to remember tactics for success.  Finally, we talk about what to expect when law enforcement arrives on the scene and how to stay safe.  

1-2 hours in length


Stop the Bleed Training

A life saving skill we all need to learn

 Did you know if you are under the age of 46, the leading cause of death is traumatic injury?  Life threatening bleeding is often the cause of this unnecessary loss of life.  Within 30 minutes we can train your staff on a few simple techniques that will help them keep someone alive for the few minutes it takes for the first responders to arrive on scene.  Even if this is only 5-10 minutes, that could be too long.  In cases of life-threatening bleeding, layresponders ARE the first responders!  Empower your staff today!


Hands-Only CPR

Anyone-Can-Do-It CPR!


This simple method of CPR allows the layresponder to intervene in a cardiac emergency without the necessity of breathwork.  Within a few minutes, you can master the simple skills you need to step up and save a life.  Employers who deliver these  skills-based trainings to their employees, not only give the gift transferable lifesaving skills, they also make their place of business and communities more prepared and resilient.


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